Complete Fabrications: The New Normal



2.1 MasterCam File Setup

As a CNC can only create something as smooth as its smallest end mill, it’s in the millers best advantage to create a design that takes advantage of tool paths rather than attempting to endlessly mill them away.

Parallel rough cuts using a 1/2″ flat end mill with a depth cut of 1/2″

Radial finish cuts using a 1/4″ ball end mill.  The radial point is located off the block in order to hide the point and to emphasize the diagram that will occur once this radial cut is superimposed upon another.


The superimposed radial cut is the same as above but mirrored along the length of the block.  This will create a diagram with increasing peaks and valleys the as one moves further from the radial points.

A section of Intelitek G-Code for the above tool path.


Renderings of the resulting tool paths.



Renderings of an alternative pattern.  Placing the radial points closer together and off-center adds additional variation to the overall texture.

Parallel rough cuts and a projected finish path.


A projected finish path borrowed from a previous studio project.

Placing the z-origin higher than than the rough-cuts allows for the edges of the rough cut to begin interacting with the finish cut.  This creates an automatic parametric-based set of diagrids and textures that sweep over and fade out of the block.

The circles in the finish cut leave areas where the stock left from the rough cut cannot be reached by the end mill.  This produces spikes.  Overall, the intentional interaction between finish and rough cut produce a texture that has the affect of reptile skin while being more dynamic than if the rough cut were allowed to be fully demolished by the finish cut.




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